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Bring your batter in for a free health check.


WAECO Refrigeration Battery ServicesWAECO Refrigeration Battery

For reliable refrigeration in your caravan or camper trailer Battery Barn Toowoomba staff have you covered.


Mobile Phone Batteries & RepairsMobile Phone Batteries and Repairs

If you are having trouble keeping charge, replace your mobile phone battery today.


Battery Terminal ReplacementBattery Terminal Replacement

Replace your battery terminals for more efficient charging and a longer battery life.

Custom Battery InstallationCustom Battery Installation

For when your need or vehicle is not an out of the box setup.


24hr Roadside Assistance24hr Roadside Assistance

Get the assistance you need when you need it from the reliable team at Battery Barn Toowoomba.


Accessory InstallationAccessory Installations

Our trained staff are experienced in fitouts of Custom Accessories and upgraded battery systems.


Free Battery InstallationFree battery Installation

Battery Barn Toowoomba offer free battery installation for all application of our quality batteries

CaravanWAECO Refrigeration Repairs

In addition to all our other friendly services and top quality products, Battery Barn is also Toowoomba’s authorised service agent for Waeco refrigerators. 

One of the wonderful products Waeco specialises in is portable refrigerators. Their range is extensive and includes fridge/freezers as small as 10.5 litre capacity through to a mighty 106 litre capacity. 

If Waeco are your preferred supplier of fridges and freezers we can handle all warranty claims and carry out repair to any problem or issue with your Waeco fridge, regardless of model, size or age.

We are also the region’s preferred supplier and warranty repairer for all Waeco batteries, chargers and inverters. With their superior discharge they are ideal for camping needs, vehicle jump-starts, LED spotlights and much more.

Roadside assist 324 hour Roadside Assistance

Battery Barn cares about the safety of your family.  With our community-minded approach to our clients, we would also like to see that you get where you’re going on time.

If you ever find yourself with a flat or failing battery, Battery Barn offers a 24 hour, road-side assistance outside of trading hours, at reasonable rates.

We are only a phone call away, anytime of the day or night.  We will be there to help as soon as we can. 

If you need a simple jump start or a replacement battery, our staff can help. 

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Custom BatteryCustom Battery Installation

You have the vehicle of your dreams that you have fitted out for camping and you can’t wait to get on the road.

But first, you need expert advice on the correct auxiliary battery to install to make sure everything runs smoothly once you’re in the great outdoors.

Battery Barn can advise, supply and install from a range of auxiliary batteries for your car or SUV. You will be able to run fridges, light up your campsite, cook meals, charge your camera or mobile battery and get your vehicle started the next morning.

You may choose from either a combination starter / deep cycle battery or a starting type of battery.  Starter-type auxiliaries have lots of cold-cranking amps which will start your engine and power your 12V items, though the battery life may be a little reduced.  

A combination starter / deep cycle battery will deliver the power you need, start or jump-start your vehicle and can handle continuous use.

A deep cycle battery runs until drained and may take a little longer to charge, but comes in a variety of sizes. 

An auxiliary battery charges from your vehicle’s charging system, therefore an isolator is required to connect the auxiliary battery to the vehicle battery. It disconnects the two batteries when the vehicle is switched off so the main battery is not drained, even if the auxiliary battery runs low.  An isolator may be either a solenoid type great for older vehicles, or DCDC charger the same as a home battery charger, which keeps the battery in top condition.

We will provide and install the appropriate battery and isolating system which custom-fits into the most suitable position in your camper or vehicle.  

Once your auxiliary and isolating system are installed you’ll be all set to keep the family happy with everything they need to make camping easy, safe and most importantly, a time of fellowship and fun!  

Battery Check NewFree Battery Checks

Vehicle batteries are subject to wear and tear. Watch for corrosion, cracked cables or cases, loose hold-downs, liquid or dirt. A clean battery will last longer. 

A vehicle’s alternator or battery may be at fault at times and it can be difficult to determine which is causing the problem. Instead of waiting for a battery to fail you could alternately bring it into Battery Barn for a test.

To ensure your battery is performing we offer free, on-site battery and alternator checks.  

Upon inspection, our staff can determine whether your battery needs replacing or simply needs to be recharged. We will also check that your alternator is providing the battery with enough charge.

Additionally we can provide the most suitable battery for your vehicle when the need arises. We stock a wide range of vehicle batteries at competitive prices.

For your peace of mind don’t hesitate to bring your battery or alternator in for a free, no-fuss test. Our staff are happy to help.


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